About Stones

What is a  "Carat"?

A "carat" is used to measure the weight of a diamond or other precious and semi-precious stones, such as emeralds, rubies, opals, etc.

A "carat" is equal to 0.2 grams, or 0.0071 ounce; that is to say one gram contains 5 carats, and one ounce contains 141.75 carats.

How is that different from a "Karat"?

When talking about gold, a "karat" is a measure of purity, that is how much gold is in an item.  the range used is 0-24 karat.

What are precious and semi-precious stones?

Stones used in jewelry are divided into "precious", "semi-precious", and "common" categories.

The "Precious” category has stones such as diamond, emerald, ruby and jade.  Because these stones are rare, they are extremely expensive, sometimes costing into thousands of dollars per carat.

Gold Silver Creations does not carry any jewelry with precious stones.

The "Semi-precious" category has stones such as opals, amber, jade, alexandrite, etc.  These stones are moderately priced and more readily available in many colors and shapes.

Artificial or imitation stones are made to resemble precious and semiprecious atones.

Gold Silver Creations carries many items of jewelry with semi-precious or imitation stones.  Each item we carry that contains stones, is clearly identified as to the type and color of stones and where applicable, the carat weight of the stones